ICPC is a unique international forum and resource centre dedicated to the exchange of ideas and knowledge on crime prevention and community safety. ICPC seeks to promote crime prevention, encourage the development of inspiring practices, and foster effective exchange between criminal justice systems and civil societies across countries and cities.

Current project : Comparative Study of models for the prevention of violent radicalisation

The objective of this study, funded by Public Safety Canada, is to compare various models in terms of prevention of violent radicalisation at both local and urban levels, in order to gather specific and practical information...

Date : 09-08-2016

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Author(s) : CIPC

ICPC’s new project in collaboration with the Department of Penitentiary Administration (DAP), France - Intervention and prevention response to violent radicalization within the probation system

The objective of this 18-month project is to supervise the implementation of an intervention response for individuals who have been radicalised or are in the process of radicalisation within the Penitentiary Services for...

Date : 05-08-2016

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Author(s) : CIPC

IJJO is looking for 2 experts on Radicalisation

The International Juvenile Justice Observatory (IJJO) is pleased to inform you that it is currently hiring a team of two experts to work on the subject of the “Prevention of juvenile radicalisation: Promoting the use of...

Date : 28-06-2016

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Author(s) : CIPC

ICPC’s second mission in Bogotá, in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá and the City Hall

On May 12 and 13 2016, mandated by the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá, ICPC carried out the second part of its mission in assisting the City Hall in developing a prevention policy regarding crime and feelings of insecurity in...

Date : 22-06-2016

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Author(s) : CIPC

ICPC Mini-Conference - June 2016

On Thursday June 9 2016, ICPC held a Mini-conference, at their headquarters, on the prevention of crime and feelings of insecurity in ground public transport. The event was attended by approximately 20 actors and stakeholders...

Date : 17-06-2016

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ICPC's Newsletter - June 2016

We invite you to read ICPC's news, June 2016.


Date : 16-06-2016

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Author(s) : CIPC

Reflections on the Orlando shootings

In light of the tragic events that took place in Orlando this weekend, one of the deadliest mass murders in the history of the United States, ICPC would like to offer its support and condolences to the relatives of the victims...

Date : 13-06-2016

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Author(s) : CIPC

ICPC and the Ministry of Public Safety Conference in April 2016

The International Centre for the Prevention of Crime (ICPC) and the Ministry of Public Safety held a conference on April 1 2016 in Quebec on the prevention of violence in public institutions.


ICPC presented the results...

Date : 04-04-2016

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Author(s) : CIPC

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Internship - Research Assistant

ICPC is looking for an Intern - Research Assistant

Date : 17-08-2016

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