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generally gives way Ducos Hauron name trichromatic process by superposition, because the tests are result superposition three monochrome images are posit, respect ly colored red, blue, yellow, corresponding to separate negative elementary radiation reflected by the object to be photographed. As is get negative three monochrome red, blue yellow, must use plates whose sensitivity has been exalted, not to monochrome to reproduce, but complementary color celurci. One must intervene more impressive on beam path each special color filter plate passing only radiation for which corresponding plate was sensitized.

Each of the partial images are posit is obtained, as in process coal, potash dichromate on sensibihsée hue gelatin layers then, the parties impressed by light color that corresponds to it. The Neue Gesellschaft Berlin puts Photographische sale of all gelatins prepared enough that sensibihser the dissolution dichromate time employment.

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Instead of using three three negative screens, Ducos Hauron called soon, method using screen fij Praxis der Farbenphotographie. Albert Hof.maxn.

Nemnich edict.

See Agenda Light, knew antes.

single negative trichromatic.

The three-color screen should be a transparent surface covered with red streaks, yellow and blue alternating regularly.

Facom to put such a sensitive panchromatic film that radiation had, during installation, pass through the colored elements before impress sensitive layer.

It includes a red image, for example, has impressed as gelatin filter editing essays behind the red stripes and, in fact, after development, tested negative through the same filter accurately identified, was to appear green image as the red lines were writers wanted blinded that only complementary colors were still visible.

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It should therefore have drawn negative diapositive got the look behind the trichromatic screen to see the object This process, forgotten for a quarter century, was taken over P Job 'perfected by Tripp i. The latter managed to trace streaks colored by millimeter glass surface. Because exorbitant screens difficulty locating them with the images obtained was led to consider as inapplicable practice very curious process.

Rheinberg proposed replacing frame Joly dummy spectrum that includes real spectrum by Optical pathway not by coloring process This idea, already in fiber 'and English Lanchester July passed completely unnoticed, although Gabriel Lippmann cro' is to proclaim the inventor of a system of color photography based on the principle new session in July Pans Academy Four months before, in March, André Cheron had patented a similar combination to the one proposed by i Patent of July. On a line screen, scratched glass diamond for example, the lines are separated by equal intervals, produced a multitude juxtaposed narrow spectra, each containing all the radiation visible to the absolute purity state. S quite paraphrasing program complicated optical STEM, with prisms lenses, arr e to play this same role Joly frame filter. A method specified by Ra mond further simplifies the process can be even arr st pass prism serving, as did Wood iSgg what is the website that writes essays for you soon, the only networks These processes obviously closer pigment processes as positive is not colored by lurmême is visible only through the network used to be in the same light as the other hand, colors the screen is somehow produced by virtual optical phenomenon is difficult to assimilate colorants incorporated into carrier classify these methods among pigmentary methods. In these processes, as in all other non-secured screen using sensitive layer, marking the biggest difficulty is. So they imagined inventors a quantity methods to obtain cheap enough networks to be allowed to remain with layer gelatin bromide, used to select shades. One of the most ingenious methods is certainly the patented i Krayn Many celluloid sheets gelatin, colored orange red one, the other purple, are still stacked in the same order. When the thickness of the block has how to be a good essay writer reached suitable dimensions, in the hydraulic press pass, which has the effect intimately weld all dandruff. If one block debit thin slices using a suitable microtome obtained film can be used fi Patent Fr.