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After time, the table turns sharply wr ent students on a paper sheet arranged in advance syllables retained in the V order they can also experience distinctly reading Correcting copies made by students, master will see error d ers kinds of omissions, substitutions, displacements. All these errors are not comparable as is it better looking students have chosen correctly. We can classify these students several categories viewpoint strength their memory, based on number of 'retained llabes. This experience may seem very simple giving it a scientific character, are very precise experimental conditions very defined in which it occurs. Alongside these are qualitat quantitat esearch on memory, can also do experiments on the various factors that influence memory. The role of attention is very well defined in Smith i experience. did, adult subjects, a series of experiments to determine the influence on memorizing number reading is presented to the subjects of tables on which were in.scrites ten syllables devoid sense.

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The subject considered American Jt urnal Psychologv 'II..

each series syllables in seconds. To learn text by heart, everyone has a process to it.

If examining memory fidelity in all five subjects examined, we see that the one who has committed four times as many omissions mistakes, while he who has attent ement syllables once caught greater number. This experiment demonstrates the attention role in memory phenomena. He who has only once syllables looked at them each with maximum help writing my thesis statement attention. These studies could usefully be generalized. Carrying in pedagogy data psychophysiology was possible Van coursework support Biervliet to sketch outline V memory education.

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Memory must train students forcing them to reproduce exactly they see, what they write my english paper hear, that their having increasingly difficult tests, not to reproduce, but to perceive. One can hire the teachers to show them how to learn faster text best custom essay writing striving to maximum attention, as each fragment may be a time memorizing with as many images species. This method has been applied in a local school by Van Biervliet. Many other memory related problems have been studied experimentally are under study the influence of age, gender memory of words, numbers, memory colors, etc.

Best freelance content writing websites

Work on the speed of memory processes, memory in its relations with cephalic development, were also established. We Simon Binet devised a series of tests measuring intelligence V i. Their method, which allows the diagnosis of abnormal water n intellectual, essay marking service is of order ps chologique includes tests. The authors have taken as a basis control, not the assessments of teachers, but the age of the children was how far the average child aged up to years, met their tests. We thus establish a kind of intelligence scale which assesses degree in intellectual development of mentally irregular. The Simon Binet tests are to submit topics for numerous events recognizing different objects repeat some figures comparison lines, repeating some weight determination sentences sensory intelligence, suggestibility response to these tests therefore have the task of exploring the state the straps of mental faculties, order tests approximat ly corresponds to a scale that succeed in overcoming the difficulties of the more developed intelligences.