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all the leases species, products same culture, land values, etc. finally, a fact social geography, homework help writing essay a capital interest Vapprofriation custom essay writing sites pr ed soil still further, beyond property law, all facts enjoyment collect e soil products soli is to say regime of communal property rights of these objects, including both are worthy rhistorien attention to, especially since, again, these are issues that are at home, neglected far too I saw firstly, ownership pr ed soil, on the other the communal property use rights. Apart from work, role models elsewhere, as everyone knows, Messrs.

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Marez and the Errera 'have devoted ement respect to land ownership PERSPECTIVE HISTORY EX AXTHROPOGÉOGRAPHIE Ghent Masuirs to our former provinces to Waréchaix, see nothing in our historical production that special item for this direct relationship between man and earth, could be mentioned. I do not forget, of course, the re Blanchard. As for our local historical monographs generally poor as insignificant plan as background, it is an illusion to hope to find something.

For Hainaut, which particularly know, there are hundreds such quelquesunes except monographs can draw anything, almost, as property regime of the commons. The documents exist, but misses.

I hope, in a few years, fill this gap measure my ability, in a new work that prepares the rural classes Hainaut. Moreover, these questions have specifically agrarian economy attracted attention lately, MM. Pirenne of Marez first began an investigation, which promises to be very e instruct on the rights of forest use in Florenville second collected information on the pr ed appropriation of land in Fagne region. I not stop to all that, Tanthropogéographe viewpoint, to the facts animal conquest, that is to say to the breeding of all kinds to the use of animal products.

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It could, moreover, these materials also discuss the area that anthropogeography claims to assign.

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buy a history research paper Suffice therefore very interesting report that Blanchard chapters Demangeon Zion Brunhes others, devoted to particular rural industries, textile riiuhistrie which, at times, has been widely répanchie in the countryside. LK rOINT VIEW HISTORY IN ANTIIROrOGÉOGRAPHIE I come third essential facts group to dcstnict saving facts c, that is to say Brunhes cite any operation that tends to collect raw materials, mineral, plant animal, without mind without refund mode.

Brunhes insists especially on farms that reach mineral kingdom spends long chapter he considers such quintessential mineral exploitation, that is to say Vexploitation coal. Su-ons the Brunhes, very concerned to provide the act ity of anthropogeographers widest possible area, striving to indicate what angle human geography must consider such fact destruct e economy, generate the resulting consequences, geographical view, the use of coal.

Now, visibly embarrassed. And is not astonishing, because once made this observation which is also truism that mining results in secure work rhomme specific point, bring out more sharply less compact settlements human groupings finally cause industrial concentration, see not much that could belong, clean, auto essay writer anthropogeography field, direct observation and science write my admissions essay posit an area wants Brunhes phenomena expressing the relationship between rhomme earth. However, repeat, Brunhes desperate to broaden the scope of anthropogeographer investigations. Su ons it in a paragraph is titled What is considering coal coal characteristics, origin, training is geology. A second paragraph is titled Where is coal? coal geological map is nothing more. A third paragraph is titled Using coal by Vhomme. I read paragraph reduced to finding that coal has an attraction on man. THE HISTORY OF VIEW rOIXT EX AXTHROPOGÉOGRAPHIE Poursu ons.