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The ants that go up are nothing. They are therefore charged ants that we have managed to re, for surely they report their booty home. Other provisions are going to come back when, that anthill turn they will be charged a helpful find. We descend to the act on e cohort slope path, among the Brambles Bruyeres edge of a small pine forest, this is a free space where we find vegetation conical heap brown twigs, including a teeming population shiny little creatures of a red fawn The nest independent dissertation writers is large freely exposed to view these ants, moreover, lead lives they seek some hidden It consists not only of needles twigs Pins dome which relief soil surface but sinks underground which is plagued sometimes to more than a meter deep. The dome rests on a masonry base Earth with general shape of a large crater, i.

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The dome is made the most varied materials, differing su ant ants that are within their reach. Some are shaped beams are rods ends need help writing my essay Grasses, dry twigs, etc. Others are rounded are few large seeds, small dried fruit, small stones, shells of small mollusks, etc.

Ants constantly bring these materials on their dome, have beams crisscrossing the clog gaps with help me write my thesis rounded materials.

We therefore outside dome formed a compact layer these materials based on land area masonry.

If we remove this layer, we find more complicated labyrinth of which half is under crust dome, above ground water n the other half of the bottom rests in the crater formed by land base extends below the ground water n two halves form a single whole whose center is usually no water itself. We recognize the same materials as nest area, but they are all glued together firmly enough on the ground and form the building structure beams are used everywhere columns horizontal beams length allows Ants leave large voids giving little thick walls even delete them.

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It is held to lab Tinthe center, which is a great background rather large empty room whose ceiling is supported by scaffolding beams.

But this large room is not clearly defined, it continues i I take the details known in remarciuable ent study all sides so that the gaps between the beams close gradually to build walls that separate so soon boxes, distmctes tok essay help of galleries.

doctoral dissertation writing help If we advance from underground center side, the materials gradually diminish, land is increasing rapidly, we arr e crater bottom that is more than just undermined nest in soil composed of a multitude if we leave center dome in the direction we see, by cons, still less land, which is empty mobile grains decrease, become irregular meals, lost in the interstices of the materials that are under less solidly united, but more crowded.

Finally, surface crust has more boxes, but only breakthrough cylindrical holes that serve as entry These holes are numerous, because the red ants get out much, as soon as weather permits.

They go into strip by beaten paths to aphids, the trees they use. They not domesticate aphids home, as do other species, they will visit on the same plants. They do not usually take no more slavery other ants, as is practice in some species. Formica rufa has the intelligence very developed. Note also perseverance strength they deploy carrying lawn areas, real jungle for them, the beams which serve as materials that cling to each obstacle. Two more workers often help in their work must some ordinary, time to hear one pulls in another direction in the opposite direction, although they derive both the same side, but seo article writing service placed a blade of grass between two beam retains the effort of a paralyzing one another however they always end after a moment to understand their mistake by effectively buying research papers combining their efforts. We find these features anywhere, and just observe sormême awhile Ants work to find these facts show a remarkable intelligence tenacious will. Female workers have i need help writing a 5 page paper special device secreting venom, formic acid, they can start to distance, especially the air, until dm height. Some ants produce this acid such abundance that chemists previously prepared subjecting the body distillation Ants hence its name formic acid.