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In all seasons, but especially in the fall when the colors are of wealth. inimitable elsewhere.

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located in every corner of the upright easel painters are trying to fix on the canvas charm delicious forest area help in writing thesis splendor. But never did they make subtle light games running on moving foliage, mysterious deep undergrowth? Imitations thereof, any conscientious they are, do they have never provided full enjoyment that you have to re v one hour nature? Taine luimême not he called poetry painting works of consolation for the use of people locked? Come on, you did already, walking several hours in our beautiful Sonian forest, go enjoy yourself all its wonderful corners down in the bottom of Flosses that will delight you, excuse me professional college essay writers difficult task you describe.

I mean that you introduce plants that inhabit it, so that you are less foreign you Runoff water brought in background continue to drop during each rainstorm, they remove the earth nearby slopes.

and form a new sediment layer, which geologists call the modern alluvial valleys.

It is superimposed hesbayen silt we see the pebbles in bed in this compact wet soil, beeches are rare and elsewhere evil comers oaks are more numerous but are order paper online best online essay editing service ash trees that dominate see phot.. Under their little grove dense vegetation develops a kind see phot.. In time this year you enjoy no beauty undergrowth but that come the summer, you will see bottom cover tall plants of a beautiful green, architecture very regular bunk whorls articulated slender twigs. We find, there on the ground, withered stalks dating last summer. These are maximum Eqidsetum Prêles.

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When they are fully developed, they form like a miniature forest, very dense, high forest high ash slope, sees, then, all small peaks for branches that are intertwined looks like the rich carpet, very thick, very soft, very fluffy, which would seem that these are the cousins ​​of Prêles Calamariées, a family of Equisétinées, which formed, with Sigillaires the Lépidodendrons the tree ferns, huge forests that covered soil United Kingdom to Carboniferous era.

These forests have buried each consisting knows coal found in the rocks of the coalfields trace fossils often sharp, leaves, stems, roots, reproductive organs buried these plants.

It is by studying the footprints we reconstruct the structure particular aspect Calamariées coal that have completely disappeared flora world for countless centuries.

These Calamariées were gigantic trees with very regular architecture, geometric thesis writing service uk seo writing services almost absolutely recalling proportionately smaller than our modern Eqidsetum.

Strange things back the old family tree Calamariées were the dominant species of huge primary forests.

Now the old descendants Equisétinées group are humble herbs growing edge of our streams, our wet wood. These small yet modern Prêles have for us an evocative power that keeps us consider them as any herbs. Faced with all these little upright and articulated rods before all these branches floors regularly with tiny leaves, this plant to look that one feels distant foreign, dream Missing Calamariées forests. Suddenly we think we see rising stems grow to become huge rigid trunks with protruding grooves, the story branches growing strange fronds. wet bottom is marshy peat soil where staying primary waters. But imagination is trying unsuccessfully to re rev, illuminating these primitive landscapes. they remain dark, frozen, apparently. the centuries have darkened too. The dream escapes.