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The mention Marc in first epistle, Peter said, might not be unconnected with this award second Gospel. The second Gospel writer could have been a disciple, at least, is a great admirer rather big supporter Paul. We can say that the sound is a re Pauline interpretation voluntarily Pauline gospel tradition.

The oldest of the canonical Gospels is a synthesis, a summary outline, with mutual adaptation lean traditions relat es to preaching Jesus to death, the gospel is called Galilean apostolic, the Pauline gospel, mystery religion preached by Paul, based redemptive death of a d in, materialized in the mystical union initiation rites, sacraments, baptism, the Eucharist. Hope ju e advent remains great, but something that is not Jewish is leading this new element, principal, who is not Jewish, is properly Christian mystery.

Custom writing papers

Jesus is not preordained king.

a just Israel, it is god savior way of Osiris, Adonis, Attis of Examples of this tradition Galilean transformation in doctrine Mystery, suffice it to quote single professional essay writing services clear word comparison to Marc seed for becoming under Marc pen.

mystery veiled so that those who look not see hearers laugh not understand, lest they convert that they be forgiven.

! ! And numerous occasions when the apostles are Galileans showed us unintelligent, stupid That they have not known true meaning, true interpretation, interpretation Pauline life death Jesus as life and death of a redeemer in d, heavenly man.

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The Pauline myth is built with the mystical best freelance writing websites imaginations cheap dissertation writers Paul, strongly influenced by Hellenistic environment in which v has, with traditions Galilean, traditions already loaded legends, but nevertheless containing historical background preaching prophet galiléer. For example, condemnation by Pilate's crucifixion.

Loisy therefore not deny the historical existence of Jesus as easy to do when, abandoning the texts, only listen to the imagination.

is far away, too, to say that the pagan mysteries sufficient to explain Christianity refer to points where, in addition to historical starting points provided by the Galilean tradition, moral monotheism had become of Judaism, the idea of ​​a transcendent God only postpone as its more detailed article the Christian Mystery, published in the October issue Uibbert Journal. To those example dissertation who still hesitate, recommends reading chapter first epistle to the Corinthians Paul they will find a beautiful event that has triggered moral thrust Galilean prophet compare with can someone write my paper for me Marc XII at. This is not any biblical criticism that result allow us to achieve the historical Jesus through theological Jesus above all, it makes us understand how to keep infallibly interpret these so-called mysteries revealed, has organized a special class of men, become despotic Church hierarchy.

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