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Some asperity ground stops them, they are covered with earth, pass the h er basement germinate spring su ant. The small aerial tubers therefore disseminate this case, while the underground tubers reproduce locally. Both modes Vegetative propagation e ensure perpetuation of Ficaires well, it matters little that there is that fertilization But flowers are useless in Ficaire, why do they continue to produce? Is there not here a contradiction with what we said earlier that evolution tends to retain only is advantageous? In truth, Ficaire continues to produce its flowers is that it has no way to get rid of.

Here's why horticulturists How do they get the countless varieties of roses, pear trees, dahlias, etc.

which are made each year in trade? You know, without doubt, it is sowing seeds Rosiers, pear, Dahlias.

Among the offspring and products, which are often found in different parents who have some advantageous feature. But then how do gardeners to propagate the new varieties? They harvest the seeds to sow? Certainly not, because they not succeed in maintaining and variety with all its characters. The way is very simple they bouturent, marcottent, grafted their new plant, they are assured paraphrasing quiz anisi multiply with its smallest differential characters. So you see by sexual reproduction, introduces variability in the species spread by e Vegetative without competition flowers, keeps intact in the offspring, the entire set of characters parent plant. Well! now, e qu'arr he Ficaire for? She no longer has sexual reproduction spreads ly excluded by its tubers it is frozen in its immobility can not vary more.

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She continues to drag along her flowers unnecessary cumbersome, since ever idus ind may arise that are pr ed these flowers, which have, actually advantage in the struggle for existence. The Dorines Chrysosplenium oppositifol m, that v ent here in the intimate company of Ficaires have bizarre flowers without corolla, equipped with a yellow floral leaves chalice also yellowish. They form a flat inflorescence, known ant many observers, would be an adaptation to fertilization by slugs. Whatever it is, also sees many flies visiting the flowers. It's not all take to the woods, frolicking like a vacation buy college essay schoolchildren, look right, left, flowers, insects custom writing essays services foraging dissertation abstract thousand other things kind of knowledge.

should also eat our race forest starving us, many of us have already withdrawn their bag some bread they devoured with gusto. not far from here, cabaret to the three fountains, where we can relax while eating our food. Cross creek, climb slope ensuring not abut against old stumps remained up after order custom paper cut that was made here, two years ago. We'll v ement, but our eyes, now savvy, discovering recognize all plants, raw, repopulate the glades clear rosettes of leaves Digitales see phot. Pi.

XVI, the Framboisiers the Broom to brooms, etc. On plateau, large black circles appear that we are where we made charcoal fragments still covering bare soil, these points vegetation. Of vegetation is exaggerated, because green has there among the charred wood pieces we approach we recognize a foam still bearing fruiting scorched dating last summer. This foam Funaria hygrometrica encounter little in Sonian i want to buy a thesis forest, in places where we did charcoal. It is obvious that its spores are spread everywhere, random but are only those lucky drop these places particularly favorable for germination that develop.