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I. The health card is set maintained by the medical establishment.


The confidentiality obligation applies to medical notebook entries. The guard is entrusted book doctor. The health book belongs to family, which cheap dissertation writers is directly delivered when the student leaves the institution.

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will always be available family doctor appointed by it. The physician should inform the establishment head on write my essay online establishing help with term papers general health student growth on particular regime, both intellectually admission essay editing service hiring freelance writers view at point physical view, that can claim his health condition. VI. Staff of the institutions is, regarding student health, held strictly professional secrecy. This school report, quite bulky, contains blank pages to be filled during schooling. The only sanitary part contains pages. This book could be adopted in all schools. will be published in French Ligue patronage Here are saying about school health book Drs Jean Philippe Paul Boncour i The school report must include information on child growth, weight, size, etc. fellowship personal statement writing service must also contain other family medical information, and it is on the second point it to discussion.