Ann Champoux, Director General Champoux is ICPC’s Director General since March 2018. Prior she was Assistant Deputy Minister to the Quebec Culture and Communications Department and she holds a BA in History (University of Montreal). With almost 30 years of experience in Management and Communications, in both the private sector and within government organizations, State-owned enterprises, and federal and provincial cultural ministries, she is a high-level Manager.





Margaret Shaw, Ph. D, Consultant

Margaret Shaw, PhD is a sociologist and criminologist, and was Director of Analysis and Exchange at the ICPC from 1999 to 2011. She now works as an independent consultant, including with ICPC. Before joining ICPC she worked for over 20 years as a research and policy advisor in the Home Office, England. Between 1986 to 1999 she was a lecturer and Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology & Anthropology at Concordia University, Montréal, and undertook research for Federal, Provincial and municipal governments and police organizations in Canada. She has undertaken extensive research internationally including for UN HABITAT, UNODC, UN WOMEN and WHO and published widely on crime prevention, youth violence, justice and rehabilitation, gender, women’s imprisonment and safety, human trafficking, and evaluation. In 2013 she was awarded the Saltzman Prize for Contributions to Practice by the Division of Women and Crime, American Society of Criminology, and in 2014 the G.O.W. Mueller Award for Distinguished Contributions to International Criminal Justice, from the International Division of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences.


Serges Bruneau, Consultant Bruneau has an Honours BA of Criminology (University of Montreal), and joined ICPC in 2003. With experience in the fields of young offenders rehabilitation, Quebec Health and Social Services as well as teaching, he has specialized in crime prevention at the local level, having coordinated the City of Montreal crime prevention program, Tandem Montreal, for over 10 years. He has contributed to several crime prevention initiatives, such as the Quebec cities guide titled Sécurité dans les milieux de vie. Pour le mieux-être des citoyens, des citoyennes et des familles. He is a past member of the National Crime Prevention Centre and of the Table ronde du Québec sur la prévention de la criminalité, and current President of the Conseil consultatif québécois en prévention de la criminalité. He has also worked in the fields of homelessness, drug addiction, homeless youth and urban prostitution and is former Programme Director at ICPC.


Pier Alexandre Lemaire, Senior Analyst Alexandre Lemaire joined ICPC in March 2016. He has previously worked as a Public Affairs Assistant for the Quebec Delegation in Boston, as a Project Manager in a centre for youth at risk in Nicaragua, and as a Research Assistant for the ICPC. Since his arrival, Pier Alexandre has been working on developing an International Standard for the Evaluation of Crime Observatories, in collaboration with the Organization of American States and the National Institute of Higher Education for Security and Justice (INHESJ) in France. He has worked on the publication of ICPC’s 5th and 6th International Reports, the first one being on urban crime prevention and the second one on cybercrime prevention. He was project manager for a study to evaluate national crime prevention strategies and observatories in three Caribbean countries. At the municipal level, Pier Alexandre has implemented various integrated crime prevention approaches to support local communities in the identification, analysis and prioritization of criminal issues, as well as in the evaluation of their practices and projects. Pier Alexandre is also Coordinator of the RÉSAL (Network for Exchanges and Support to local actions in the City of Montreal).


Cateline Autixier, Analyst and Project officer joined ICPC in February 2017. She holds a master’s degree in Law from the University of Lyon III, obtained through an exchange at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law. She also holds a master II in Law and Criminology from the University of Aix-Marseille, with a specialization in mass killings in North America. She then completed a master’s degree in Criminology at the University of Montreal. Throughout her career at the university and the International Centre for Compared Criminology (CICC), she held several positions as teaching and research assistant on various subjects ranging from corruption in the award of public contracts to those who plead guilty, cryptomarkets and violence in bars. She then became Analyst Intern at ICPC and worked on the prevention of radicalization leading to violence. Her field of specialization is particularly focused on issues relating to criminal policies and practices as well as the prison system and social rehabilitation. Her master’s thesis is focused on the experience of individuals on parole in Quebec.


Nelly Morin, Analyst and Project officer joined ICPC in April 2018. After studying European and International Law (In France and England), she decided to use her knowledge to serve the community as an outreach worker. She then pursued intervention and social sciences studies, while accumulating a 7 year professional experience with vulnerable groups. Her interests in teenagers’ development, identity research and the prevention of recidivism mainly led her to work with youth and young adults on the edge of the system (street work, legal protection for youth). These interventions gave her the opportunity to put forward her human values, which she wishes to keep promoting in her work with ICPC.





Kassa Bourne, Director of Administration  
Kassa Bourne joined ICPC in January 2010. Originally from England, Kassa has lived and worked in London, Rome and New York City, arriving in Montreal in 1994. For the past 10 years she has worked in the city’s thriving multimedia sector, five years of which were in a management position. She holds an MA in Italian and French from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland.


Anne Onana, Communication Manager Onana joined ICPC in March 2016. She holds an MA in Translation and Intercultural Communication from the Management and Intercultural Communication Institute (ISIT) in Paris (France). She has lived and worked in various countries including France, Spain and Canada. Thanks to her passion for languages and communications, she has been able to secure positions in the fields of Translation, Writing and Communications.