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The Role of the Police in Crime Prevention

ICPC’s 7th Annual Colloquium on Crime Prevention / Oslo, Norway

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ICPC’s Seventh Annual Colloquium on Crime Prevention focused on the role that police organizations can and should play in integrated efforts to reduce crime and build safety in communities. Three sub themes formed the basis of debates and discussion throughout the two days, including: 

Building Effective Partnerships with Police Services in Prevention
The  UN  Guidelines  for  the  Prevention  of  Crime  emphasize  that  cooperation/partnerships should be an integral part of effective crime prevention, given the wide-ranging nature of the causes of crime and the skills and responsibilities required to address them.
Examining the Organizational Culture and Structure of Police Services
The workshop considered the extent to which today’s  police  services  are  fully  integrating  and  embracing  the  concept  of  prevention within their work as commonly espoused,   discussed ways to work with partners towards a common  goal,  drawing  on  different  approaches  and  expertise,  and    considered  different  valuing  of those forms of expertise. 

Highlighting Contemporary Developments in Knowledge-Based Policing
The development of increased knowledge-based methods, such as problem-oriented policing, intelligence-led policing, hot-spot policing, and community mobilization makes it necessary for the police to consider and re-examine its role, and level of contribution to (traditional, modern and evolving) larger community safety partnerships.  This development has also brought a series of opportunities and challenges in relation to information sharing, opening up of expertise to public and private actors, and developing new evaluative frameworks to assess the effectiveness of these police models.

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