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Cities, Urban Renewal and Crime Prevention

3rd Annual Colloquium on Crime Prevention / Pretoria, South Africa

Author(s) : International Centre for the Prevention of Crime

ICPC held its third annual colloquium in Pretoria, South Africa, on November 24, 2003 on the topic of : "Cities, Urban Renewal and Crime Prevention". Cities have been key to crime prevention policies in most countries over the past years, with the focus on coordinating and developing multi-sectoral strategic responses to crime. At the same time in many countries there have been parallel attempts to work in multi-sectoral ways within other policy sectors - health, poverty, housing and environment. This includes work under various headings such as urban renewal, neighborhood renewal, and comprehensive community initiatives.
The Colloquium provided an opportunity to explore some of the lessons and achievements of these broad-spectrum interventions in terms of what they have to contribute to the future development of community safety at the city level. It was also an opportunity for a real exchange of experience in both directions between the North and the South, after more than a decade in which the ideas of local authority and city-based partnership crime prevention have been implanted in many countries. This was accomplished through an overview of the field, country-specific presentations, contributions from mayors and workshop discussion.
The Colloquium was sponsored by The South African Police Service (SAPS), in collaboration with the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR).


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