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ICPC in Chile

Author(s) : CIPC


During the month of December 2016, ICPC’s Director, Research and Programmes, Pablo Madriaza undertook a mission in Chile, invited by the Master programme “Magíster en Prevención, Seguridad Urbana y política criminal” of the University Alberto Hurtado, in order to give a lecture on violent radicalization in the West. During this mission, he was also invited by the Central University to lecture on the evolution of violence in schools for the Master programme “Magíster en Psicología Educacional y Gestión de la Convivencia Escolar”.

In addition to these teaching activities, Mr. Madriaza visited ICPC’s members as well as key partners in Chile. He visited the Criminal Analysis Department and the Community Policing programme (MICC) of the National Police of Chile (“Carabineros”). ICPC made suggestions concerning criminal analysis methodologies and perfected the details of the “Carabineros” seminar that will be held in October 2017, co-organized with ICPC. Mr. Madriaza also visited the Sub-secretariat for the Prevention of Crime of the Government of Chile and met the Director of the Department of Studies to establish avenues for future collaboration. He also met with officials from the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) and researchers from the Citizen Security Program from the University Alberto Hurtado of Chile.