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The role of elected representatives and justice in crime prevention in France

ICPC Lunch Seminar / October 2nd 2008, Montreal (Canada)

Author(s) : Jean-Pierre Blazy, Jean-Amédée Lathoud


Abstract :

Community Safety and Crime Prevention are amongst the greatest concerns for cities. Thus, the adopted crime prevention policies place the city at the core of managing urban safety at the local level. How is this local governance exercised? How do the elected representatives perceive their role? Do they have enough tools to meet their responsibilities? Furthermore, how do we integrate Justice in this process? What is the role of Justice and how can it be practiced? These are some of the questions that were examined at this lunch seminar.

Speakers :

Mr Jean-Pierre BLAZY is the mayor of Gonesse since 1995 and re-elected in 2008. A professor in History and Geography, he acquired his degree from the IHESI, the Institute of Higher Studies in Internal Safety. He was the deputy of Val d’Oise from 1997 to 2007. He is also president of the Association “Cities and Aeroports” (a national network comprised of elected members from airport authorities). From 2002 to 2007 he was in charge of questions regarding safety for the socialist group of the National Assembly. He is a member of the Conseil national des villes (CNV) since 2002 and co president of its work group “Rights and Cities”.

Jean-Amédée LATHOUD is a Public Prosecutor at the Court of Appeal of Versailles. Mr Lathoud was previously a public prosecutor at Douai and Rion and a prosecuting attorney in Lyon, Strasbourg, Macon and Belfort. He is also a member of the board of directors of the National Police School of St-Cyr in Mont d’Or. He is expert Consultant for France at the Council of Europe on questions of police ethics. He participated in missions on the performance of the Public Ministry in Bolivia, missions for the Council of Europe in Azerbaidjan, Armenia, and Romania. He is also an Officer of the Legion of Honour. He has been a member of the CNV since 2002, and is the co-president of its work group “Rights and Cities”