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First International Meeting on Crime Observatories

Paris, France

Author(s) : International Centre for the Prevention of Crime


ICPC, in cooperation with the Observatoire National de la Délinquance (National Observatory of Crime – OND)  in France and the Délégation Interministérielle à la Ville (Interministerial Department for Towns? DIV), decided to organise this 1st international meeting on crime observatories, which brought together more than 200 experts from 25 countries. This event has been structured around the following subjects:

• The field of observation
• The diversity of sources of crime observation
• Statistics on criminality: bias and interpretation
• Observation by subject and by quality
• The local observatory and national observation
• National observation and international comparisons
• A round table on the usefulness of crime observatories: the issue of communication
concerning the results

This international meeting on crime observatories was a forum for discussion and communication based on the various observation experiments carried out across the world. Certain questions were submitted for debate, such as the definition of an observatory, its components, its intended use and its contribution as a tool for learning and help with decision?making.

Following these discussions, it was agreed upon that an observatory contributes to improving the definition of the various criminal phenomena, and enhancing knowledge of them to improve prevention and response.

Following this conference, ICPC has produced a list of international experiences with crime observatories :

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