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International Indigenous Community Safety Seminar

The presentations of the speakers during the Seminar are available online.

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The International Centre for the Prevention of Crime (ICPC) organized a technical seminar: International Indigenous Community Safety Seminar, with the support of the National Crime Prevention Centre (Public Safety Canada) and Justice Canada. The Seminar considered recent progress, challenges and current and emerging approaches relating to community safety among Indigenous populations. The event took place in Montreal from March 27 to 29, 2011


Key indigenous and non-Indigenous stakeholders from seven countries (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, South Africa and the United States)  took part in the seminar. They included representatives of government and non-government organizations, practitioners, researchers, policy makers, health and police services and local authorities. 


The seminar presentations highlighted challenges and trends, and identified best practice models and methodologies from different settings, regions and countries, and identified specific models of intervention and information activities that focused on innovative and alternative measures to reduce and prevent violence, incarceration and victimization of Indigenous peoples.

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Keynote address –  Katharine Irngaut, Acting Director for Sisters in Spirit, Native Women's Association of Canada
Breaking the Silence: Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women and Girls in Canada


Session I - Youth and Children



Session II - Urban Indigenous populations



Session III - Evaluation frameworks



Session IV - Holistic approaches to safety



FILM - Third World Canada 
Andree Cazabon, Filmmaker, Cazabon Productions
Third World Canada Film presentation and Discussion

Session V - Holistic approaches to safety