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Technical assistance to the Direction of Security of the Bogota Chamber of Commerce

Author(s) : CIPC

Over the course of 2015, ICPC conducted four different technical assistance projects for the Bogota Chamber of Commerce (BCC):

1. Comparative study of crime prevention programmes in Latin America. This study consists of a review and an analysis of effective crime prevention practices in the region. It focuses on the institutional contexts of security policies in the eight countries surveyed and analyzes the regional coordination of these policies in ten selected cities.

The final report is available in Spanish.

2. Re-evaluation of the safety observatory. This consists of an update to an evaluation done in 2010 and, consequently, an update to the evaluation of the recommendations it issued. It focuses on the scientific standards of data collection, analysis and dissemination, as well as the management of the Observatory.

3. Elaboration of a programme for the transfer, dissemination and promotion of information collected within the Observatory. A programme for the dissemination and promotion of scientific work will be elaborated based on the data collected by the Observatory addressing the topics the Observatory wants to prioritize in the context of crime prevention.

4. Training of the Observatory team in terms of crime prevention, crime analysis and observatory management.