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Missions to Tunisia 2014

From 23 September to 1 October 2014, ICPC was in La Marsa and Hammamet (Tunisia) to finalize the Support Project for the Security Sector Reform in Tunisia in partnership with the UNPD and the Tunisian Ministry of Interior. This will mark the project’s fourth voyage to Tunisia to elaborate local security diagnostics, put in place local security committees, and implement a platform for the geo-localization of crime. During this mission, ICPC provided training on the prevention of crime and the role of police officers to agents from the Marsa West National Police station and the Manaret Hammamet National Guard station. Moreover, ICPC assisted the local security committees of districts targeted by the project as they gathered for their first official conference – a first in the country! These local security committees enable the coordination of efforts between all actors in a community to reduce crime and promote a shared sense of security. Thanks to the constant efforts of the Ministry of Interior, of RSS and UNDP experts, and of ICPC’s expertise in prevention and urban security, the local security committees and the commissariats of La Marsa West and Manaret Hammamet are now better equipped to take charge of security in their respective environments.

Note that ICPC was also present during an official inauguration of La Marsa West’s National Police station attended by the Minister of the Interior, numerous ambassadors, and representatives of international NGOs and Tunisian police corps


As part of the "Support Project for the Security Sector Reform, Tunisian government”, pursued in partnership with the UNDP, the ICPC was in Tunis from 7 to 10 June 2014 to provide training on crime mapping. The training took place at the Ministry of Interior and was given by a geographical consultant from the Atlas Group of the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM) to a group of 11 participants. These included representatives from both police beneficiaries of the project, the National Police and National Guard’s Department of Technical Services, the National Guards’ Department of Technical Services, and the central directorates of the judicial police and the Ministry of Interior. The next and final phase of the project is planned for the month of August 2014, when local security committees from each township will meet for the first time.

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As part of the "Support Project for the Security Sector Reform, Tunisian government" in partnership with UNDP, ICPC was in La Marsa and Hammamet from 24 February to 7 March 2014. This was the second of three trips planned during which information gathering continued for the local safety diagnostic and consultations were held with potential members of the future local security committee for the two municipalities. ICPC held several very interesting meetings that included heads of police stations and the National Guard, delegates, international NGOs and several local associations. The next trip is planned for mid-April 2014. In the meantime, the ICPC is processing the information obtained in the field so far.

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