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Preventing Violence against Women and Youth in Peru (2011-2014)

Since 2011, ICPC has been working on the Integrated Local Strategies Project (2011-2014) for the Prevention of Violence against Women and Youth  that brings together many key stakeholders in two pilot locations (San Juan de Lurigancho and Villa El Salvador) to diagnose the situation and raise awareness regarding new and customized approaches to the prevention of violence in the Peruvian context. This project was implemented  in collaboration with the local organization Flora Tristan and the national program against domestic and sexual violence (PNCVFS) of the Ministry of Women and Social Development (MIMDES).

Training on crime prevention and the rights of women and youth victims of domestic and sexual violence was delivered to local authorities as well as specialized officials and police authorities at the national level. The objective was to develop a security plan tailored to each municipality to prevent violence against women and youth, but also to educate the community in prevention efforts to increase the number of people involved in urban security.
The experience acquired in the project was documented and may be used to extend the approach developed to other Peruvian municipalities.

Information about the products of the project is available in French and Spanish.


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