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Cabot Square (2013-2014)

From January 2013, during the first phase of the project, ICPC was responsible for supervising the 6-month initiative to develop a strategy to improve safety and to respond to the needs of the Aboriginal population in the west downtown area of Montreal. This phase was completed in July 2013, with the following outcomes:

• an improved understanding of the existing services and the various actors in the district, as well as the needs of the target population; and

• the development of a collective, coordinated and comprehensive safety strategy for Cabot Square and its surrounding area (i.e. Strategy for Community Safety and Wellbeing).

The report , which details the Strategy, is available in English and French.

The second phase of the project began in September 2013 and will be running for another 6-month period. During this phase, the team will be creating action plans for the implementation of the Strategy. In particular, the Strategy was recently presented to key governmental and non-governmental stakeholders to mobilize support for implementing specific actions.