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Violence against women in ground public transport - synthesis of the exploratory study

In 2010 ICPC, in the context of its mission to observe and analyze, was mandated by the Ministère de l'Écologie, du Développement durable, du Transport et du logement  (Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development, Transport...

Date : 2015

Type : Articles

Think Global, Act Global: Confronting Global Factors that Influence Conflict and Fragility

ICPC and the OECD-DAC paper now out for consultation

Date : 2012

Type : Publications, Articles

Author(s) : International Centre for the Prevention of Crime

Estrategias Locales de Seguridad Ciudadana

Cuadernos sobre Seguridad y Prevención de la Violencia en América Latina, publicado en el marco del proyecto URBAL

Date : 2012

Type : Articles

Author(s) : Hugo Acero, Paula Miraglia y Eduardo Pazinato.

The City as a “Space of Opportunity”

Urban Indigenous Experiences and Community Safety Partnerships

Date : 2012

Type : Articles

Author(s) : Vivien Carli, ICPC

Towards Human Trafficking Prevention: A Discussion Document

This discussion paper provides an overview of important issues related to the prevention of human trafficking for the purposes of commercial sexual exploitation and forced labour.

Date : 2011

Type : Articles, Publications

Author(s) : Nicole Barrett, ICCLR and Margaret Shaw, ICPC

Los desafíos de la prevención de la criminalidad en contexto de postconflicto. La experiencia de Guatemala


Article only available in Spanish.

Download the article (PDF)

Date : 2010

Type : Articles

Author(s) : Esteban Benavides, ICPC

Community Safety Partnerships by and with Indigenous Peoples

Trends and Practices Paper

Date : 2006

Type : Articles

Author(s) : Laura Capobianco

Police and prevention: re-emergence of a strong idea?

ICPC's Notes

Date : 2006

Type : Articles

Author(s) : Daniel Sansfaçon

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