Public nuisances relating to drugs and prostitution

Practical workbook for local action

Author(s) : Julie Savignac, Isabelle Lelandais, Valérie Sagant du CIPC, Marcel CAJELAIT, Montréal City, Guy HENGEN, Bordeaux City, Sophie NEUFORGE, Liège City and their teams


The 'Methodological Guide on the Diagnosis of Problems Related to Drugs and Prostitution, handbook for local action' is the result of the exchange program between the cities of Liège, Bordeaux and Montreal, which enabled representatives of the three municipalities to compare their experiences during three years on specific issues related to problems of prostitution and drugs in public places.


The guide proposes a methodology for the management of public disorder associated with prostitution and drugs: analysis of the situation, developing an action plan and evaluation of actions implemented. It is based on practical examples and tools and many references to local authorities.


Download the manual (PDF)