5th International Report on Crime Prevention and Community Safety: Cities and the New Urban Agenda

ICPC is pleased to announce the publication of the fifth edition of its International Report. An Executive Summary is also available in English, French and Spanish.


The fifth edition of the International Report on Crime Prevention and Community Safety develops, from the urban perspective, various topics relevant to the current context in cities. As with previous editions of the Report, the first chapter is a constant of ICPC’s International Reports, reviewing major trends in crime and in its prevention. The following two chapters address the relationship between the urban setting and the prevention of crime through two distinct lenses: the first gives a general overview of the issues and major trends facing cities; the second, in contrast, offers a comparative perspective, particularly in relation to national-local relationships in the Latin American context. The final three chapters address three fundamental topics on the prevention of urban crime: public transport, the prevention of drug-related crime, and the prevention of violent radicalization.


Published every two years since 2008, the International Report has become a point of reference providing information and tools to help governments, local authorities, international organizations and other actors implement successful crime prevention policies in their countries, cities and communities.


The Report is available in English; French and Spanish.


Download the 5th International Report

Download the Executive Summary of the Report


Read the International Report by section:

Initial pages

Table of contents


Chapter 1: Trends in crime and its prevention

Chapter 2: Urban Safety

Chapter 3: Cities, territory and public safety policies: A latin American perspective

Chapter 4: Preventing crime on urban public transport

Chapter 5: Crime Prevention and drug use in an urban environment

Chapter 6: Cities and the prevention of violent radicalization

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