The tools component of the knowledge base serves crime prevention practitioners, providing links to tools and resources developed by ICPC and other organizations. Whether you are at the beginning stages of developing a project or initiative, in search of new ideas, support, and training, or trying to keep up-to date on the types of networks and information sources being developed across national and international borders, our tools section aims to serve the diverse needs of practitioners in the field.

There are descriptions and links to over 115 tools in this section including specialized websites, toolkits, manuals, guides, networks, cd roms, etc. We will continuously add to the collection throughout the year.

In developing this section, there are several challenges – locating information available on the web, or in printed form only, and language availability.  Also, we recognize that many of the tools developed in one context may not always be easily transferable to another.  Despite this, we think it is essential to develop this resource for all those who are actively engaged in improving community safety whether local authorities, school personnel, police, youth groups, private businesses or the media. We also invite visitors to the site share their tools with us.  For more information on how to submit tools contact:

In this section you will find tools for:

  • Cities: This section includes guides, manuals and toolkits designed for local authorities, links to city indicator databases, and safer cities networks,etc.
  • Police: This section contains links to background papers and reports from the series of police seminars organized by the ICPC and the  Police Toolkit. (in development).
  • Schools: This section contains links to ICPC background papers and reports on school safety and links to national observatories on school violence.
  • Business:  This section contains links to business networks and private associations contributing to crime prevention through social development, and includes guides, manuals and toolkits designed to help tackle business crime.

In this section, you will find tools on:

Help expand the collection of tools.  Send us your material.

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