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Crime Reduction Research Symposium in Vancouver

Author(s) : CIPC


ICPC was invited by the Office of Crime Reduction & Gang Outreach of British-Columbia (BC), in February 2018, to present at the Crime Reduction Research Symposium. The Centre took the opportunity to speak about the importance of community crime prevention and the need for an integrated approach to the prevention of crime. Like any other social issue, security and safety both require a strategic approach that looks at providing relevant, sustainable and effective responses. To this end, ICPC and the Réseau d’échanges et de soutien aux actions locales (RÉSAL – Network for exchange and support to local actions) have developed a community-based approach that aims at articulating local concerns and expertise surrounding specific issues, to ensure local ownership and effectiveness of futures crime prevention initiatives or strategies. The BC Crime Reduction Research Symposium has also been a great opportunity to meet with crime and law enforcement experts from other Canadian provinces and to discuss a wide range of issues going from opioid responses, guns and gangs strategies and policing priorities. ICPC is confident that the discussion evolving from that Symposium will help to shape future partnerships and foster a greater interprovincial dialogue surrounding the issues of gang outreach and community crime prevention.