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List of the publications from 1999 - 2005

All the publications of the ICPC from 1999 till 2005.


1. Strategy Paper On Urban Youth In Africa A Focus On The Most Vulnerable Groups
2. Police, Schools and Crime Prevention A Preliminary Review Of Current Practices
3. Of Prevention and Security. Reflections on Sustainable Governance of Community Security
4. Handle with Care Cost-Benefit Studies and Crime Prevention
5. Global Campaign On Urban Governance Youth, Children And Urban Governance
6. Developing Trust International Approaches To Women’s Safety
7. The Future For Polincing And Crime Prevention Inthe South African Development Community (SADC)
8. Opportunities for Crime Prevention and Community Safety in Integrated Urban Regeneration Programs
9. Evaluating Prevention Elements for an Alternative Approach
10. Crime Prevention And Indigenous Communities Current International Strategies And Programmes
11. Comprehensive Community Initiatives (CCI)
12. Comprehensive Approaches to School Safety and Security An International View
13. Communication for Social Change A Powerful Role for Communication in Crime Prevention
14. Women’s Safety Is There Progress In Putting Gender Into Crime Prevention
15. The Role of the Police in Crime Prevention
16. Preventing Hate Crimes International Strategies and Practice
17. Police and Prevention
18. Overview Of Recent Developments And Challenges In School-Based Crime Prevention
19. Gender and Crime Prevention
20. From Knowledge To Policy And Practice What Role For Evaluation
21. Developing Citizenship Amongst Urban Youth In Conflict With The Law In Africa
22. Crime Prevention in an Age of Insecurity
23. Urban Safety and Good Governance: The Role of the Police
24. The Role of Local Government in Community Safety
25. Promoting Safety in Schools International Experience and Action
26. Preventing Residential Burglaries and Home Invasions
27. Observatory On Urban Safety And Social Risks
28. Investing in Youth International Approaches to Preventing Crimeand Victimization
29. Crime Prevention As An Investment For Cities Experience From Northern Countries
30. Community Safety Diagnosis: Mobilization, Knowledge, Action
31. Investing Wisely in Crime Prevention International Experiences
32. Inspiring Police Practices
33. Crime Prevention Digest II
34. 100 Crime Prevention Programs to Inspire Action across the World