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was very well worn washed silt coating that everything was swept away as stones hesbayen base remained on Brusselian sand.

As slope which NE face, had little to suffer eros share e hesbayen of silt remained showers instead.

The silt can be highly fertile land, while sand is sterile, you enter because of the contrast that hit you in the vegetation We understand perfectly.

Moreover, we have seen take place before our eyes analogous phenomena. We have all seen already perhaps even at our expense! the effects. sweepers water thrown violently by launching our street sprinklers. And do not we all agreed on our stone monuments faces battered by rain? They have a whiteness contrasting with dark shade portions on which water that flow softly. The wind, however, deposits of dust on every surface our constructions but some places that Reco ent more direct projection showers, well washed white stone appears naked.

This wonderful product called the same effects in valley flood waters brought a silt layer, but heavy rains have driven S.- side which received a more direct shock.

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On land, no longer called patina that time, it is a geological phenomenon.

The effects, of course, are more considerable, but is worth noting that here too they are a source variety charming beauty assignment writing services in australia of our landscapes Brabant is paraphrasing paragraph it not due largely to Earth is not JDAS, c ' is huge monument, whose story is old. Old as the world was I going to say! whose surface is varied, vast, difficult to consider as a whole, it is less easily the effects of natural phenomena which exert their action.

Yet another contrast appears in forest vegetation of the two sides who climb these two ridges.

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The soil here is the beech there some anemones, some wood rush, some grasses, sheets tree walk Mosses only break the uniformity fawn carpets dead leaves. Under cover of Pines is contrary vegetation exuberance see phot.

XII tall ferns Pteris scorched aquilina still reveal splendor undergrowth last summer the Bruyeres Calliina vidgaris show among their small dark leaves, purple flowers the mortal remains blueberry Yaccinium Myrtilliis already deploying their shiny green foliage, the Brambles Rubus frnticosus spread over all this luxurious lace leaves flushed by h er. New question. Why is it Beech grove without undergrowth, while pineraie have? We already know buy college essays online that beech is too dark for the undergrowth of plants can re v is only in small clouds with edge, where we often see beautiful resorts Ferns Asplenmm Filix-Femma see phot. Pi. XII. But in pine forest, yet? Yes, you say, certainly, that under the shadow pineraie reign also, it remains even throughout the h er every spring, while beech forest floor receives light during those two seasons. This is very fair, but during the h er spring heat is insufficient light plants can do nothing. As soon as temperature rises, the buds of beech trees bloom shadow invades single grove, so to speak, Anemone, whose vegetation period is brief e Hat, submit to these life conditions. free writing help online Consider also the thick leaf layer each fall comes to cover ground grove beeches, burying all the small plants that would develop them, you will understand that even foams are able to re v as where carpet of leaves master's thesis help is less thick on the mounds between more remote shafts from each other, foot trunks. In pine forest, oti foliage is evergreen, light is dim throughout the year but it does not matter whether or not the fall h er even early spring when vegetation is numb with cold.