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In short, for Wagner, Greek tragedy was kind Communist room not only by competition fraternal men, but by fraternal support of the arts.

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Because the arts are united in the tragedies of Aeschylus Sophocles to charm the whole man through the senses, sight hearing. We will now, in musical draoje design, how 'agner wanted to re Rev this union of arts. For him, thanks to this fruitful union, each art arr e to produce its maximum effect. What beauty Greek tragedy is that it is for thought to the imagination, it is art v ant winning directly to mind.

At that time communism succeeded, according to Wagner, a dissociation era that lasted two thousand years.

The main cause was the analytical mind. A Greek times, man is near nature acts hire freelance writers according to it. But with the critical spirit, wants to analyze nature in its finest detail consider the place in full.

It is fatal thing according to Wagner, because it results in separation of the mainly musical poetry arts. We can go into the details that Wagner gives the poetry evolution musitpie in his criticism opera his time ih cry also come out clearly enough drama The musical drama theory results from an intimate merger, an interpretation of music poetry.

will make a greater work of art because complete reproduction of an intuition. Let's first poetry role in this association, the poet must first match the action drama. The musician can not, because can express with his art than feelings. What poet shall reproduce, it is the image v ante that gives birth in the need research paper done spirit, event. must not describe an event, but painting as it appears, without any reasoning, to the natural website content writing man straight in front of the show, however, primitive man expresses his ideas on Ln Ervil myths he designs similar to him.

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Myths are favorable playwright because they are not strict brand of historical epoch. writer paper That's motive was to choose Wagner mythical version of his young Siegfried preference to historical version.

writing your thesis He had, indeed, attempted historical opera about Frederic Barberuosse but dti finally give up his business to Siegfried legend drama that had recognized the equi alent its historical mythical hero. Myths are simple v ent already in imagUiatinn peoples who created them, so some features are enough to evoke. Their feelings are not complicated. These are new thesis data analysis souls who have hereditary prejudices eonvontionnelles opinions. These are the heroes who agree playwright. The dramatic action must be significant enough to paint this human life with its characteristic moments. help writing my paper So poet must win double work Consider the action in its dealings with all human r cnements ipports determine that the action may be shall, after need help writing thesis statement examining its contents action t ansfonner Celtic imag intcllectuclh sensible image Jun can make an impression on the viewer's imagination.