Mission & Activities


The mission of ICPC is to promote safer and healthier societies and communities through the application of strategic and evidence-led programmes and initiatives which aim to reduce and prevent offending and victimization and to support international norms and standards, in particular the UN Guidelines on the prevention of crime (1995 and 2002). It encourages countries, cities and institutions to invest in prevention rather than relying on more costly criminal justice responses to crime.

It fulfils its mission in three main ways:


  • through the collation of global knowledge about crime prevention developments and effective strategies and practices, including the development of compendiums of good practice, tool development, and comparative analysis of specific approaches and issues;
  • by promoting the exchange of information and experiences between policy makers, practitioners and researchers through seminars and regular colloquia on specific topics;
  • and by providing technical assistance on the ground.

Since it was created ICPC has worked closely with UN-HABITAT and its Safer Cities Programme in particular, and with UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime), both of which are members of the Centre. ICPC is also a member of the Programme Network Institutes affiliated with the UN Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (UNODC), a network of institutions around the world which aim to assist Member States and the work of the Commission.


Its main working languages are English, French and Spanish.