Sharpening the Lens: Private Sector Involvement in Crime Prevention

The present background paper summarizes some key trends, developments and issues in the area of private sector involvement in crime prevention.

Author(s) : Capobianco, Laura


The paper suggests why business should give much greater attention to investing in crime prevention given the impact of crime on business, and communities. In particular, it outlines the challenges in mobilizing, working with, and sustaining the support of the private sector in strategic crime prevention initiatives, and provides some examples of projects and initiatives in countries in the North and South. The paper aims to call attention to an important and strategic actor in crime prevention, which for the most part has remained unexamined, unclear, taken-for-granted, and in some instances, misunderstood, or excluded from community safety partnerships.  It also raises some important unexamined questions for researchers and practitioners in this emerging field of interest


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