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The Role of the Police in Crime Prevention

Proceedings of the seventh annual conference of the ICPC on the prevention of crime. Oslo, Norway, November 8th -9th, 2007

Auteur(s) : ICPC, Politiet


The ‘Role of the Police in Crime Prevention’ is the main theme for debate and discussion at ICPC’s Seventh Annual Colloquium on Crime Prevention, hosted by the National Police Directorate, Norway. On November 8th and 9th, speakers, from over 21 countries, from the North and South, representing national, regional, and local government, police services, research, and international organizations, will gather to discuss recent developments, issues, challenges and progress achieved in police partnerships in prevention.


The Colloquium workshop focused on the following themes : Building Effective Police Partnerships, Examining the Structure and Culture of the Police in facilitating or hindering effective collaboration in prevention, and examining recent innovations, policing models, and tools on Knowledge- Based Policing.

A detailed presentation of these themes is available in the Conference proceeding.


Download the Conference proceeding (PDF)