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When Urban Spaces meet Safety: Situational Crime Prevention in France Today

ICPC Lunch Seminar / Feburary 29th 2008, Montreal (Canada)

Date : 2008-02-29

Type : Lunch Seminars

Author(s) : Anne Wyvekens

Prevention of Recidivism and the Treatment of Convicted Offenders in France and Canada: A Comparative Approach

ICPC Lunch Seminar / May 23rd 2008, Montreal (Canada)

Date : 2008-05-23

Type : Lunch Seminars

Author(s) : Patrick Mounaud

Restorative Justice with indigenous communities: recent developments in research and practice in Australia and Quebec, Canada

ICPC Lunch Seminar / November 4th 2008, Montreal (Canada)

Date : 2008-11-04

Type : Lunch Seminars

Author(s) : Mr. Andrew Paterson, Ms. Mylène Jaccoud