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Lunch seminar on Violence Prevention and Health

How to built the links?

Date : 2010-11-18

Type : Lunch Seminars

Author(s) : Joanne Lacroix, Gillian Blackell, Nadine Wathen

The Management of Violence on the Periphery of São Paulo

Conference organized in collaboration with the International Centre for Comparative Criminology and the presented by M. Gabriel Feltran at the Universiy of Montreal

Date : 2010-10-05

Type : Lunch Seminars

Author(s) : Gabriel de Santis Feltran

Towards new methods of policing

ICPC Lunch Seminar in partnership with the Centre International de Criminologie Comparée (CICC) / May 21, 2010, Montreal (Canada)

Date : 2010-05-21

Type : Lunch Seminars

Author(s) : Anaïk Purenne, Anne Wuilleumier