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ICPC Mini-conference in Montreal

Author(s) : CIPD

On May 6 2013 ICPC held an international Mini-conference on the prevention of crime in conjunction wth its governance meetings.

The speakers were Vincenzo Castelli, an international expert in social policy, who shared his experiences in urban crime prevention, Erling Børstad from the Norwegian National Police Directorate, who presented an analysis of the 2011 Oslo terror attacks, and Swiss researcher Manon Jendly who presented her book Prévenir la criminalité :…oui, mais comment ? (Preventing crime – …yes, but how?)

This event took place at the headquarters of the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) and was attended by forty participants from the police, community and government sectors.


Consult Erling Børstad's and Vincenzo Castelli's presentations (the latter in Italian).