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ICPC Mini-conference

On September 25 2013, ICPC held a Mini-conference on Mediation: a driving force for crime prevention policies and local strategies

Author(s) : CIPC


Marc De Decker, Director, Egregoros Médiation Evere Belgique

Society today seems to consider mediation as an alternative method in conflict management within the realm of Justice, civil and commercial matters, family matters and social matters (i.e. aspects of social law).


But is this enough? Should we not take advantage of this positive view to push the boundaries of the current fields of mediation action to widen horizons and expand human relationships?


Should we not go one step further and transcend the limitations of this process, when a single quality holds the potential to bind together a set of techniques and human qualities toward effective action?


The argument can and should be pushed further....

Consult Mr. De Decker’s presentations in French