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ICPC Mini-Conference

Author(s) : CIPC

On Tuesday March 25 2014, ICPC held a Mini-Conference on Developments in crime prevention: Learning from South Africa and ICPC’s 20 years of international involvement


Bilkis Omar, Chief Directorate - Policy and Research, Civilian Secretariat for Police, South Africa will present:

  • A portrait of current trends in crime and violence in South Africa.
  • Recent changes and responses, and the role of crime prevention in the present day, including promising initiatives highlighting the developments and outcomes.

Serges Bruneau, Director of Programmes at ICPC will present:

  • A general overview of ICPC’s core work throughout its existence.
  • A detailed discussion on ICPC’s current projects of interest to both governmental and non-governmental actors.

Consult Ms. Omar’s  and M.Bruneau’s presentation in English