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ICPC Mini-Conference

On Thursday October 23 ICPC held a Mini-Conference on: Towards the elimination of intimate partner violence against women: presentation of ICPC's report for the Government of Norway.

Juliette Jarvis, Consultant, ICPC

The persistence of intimate partner violence against women is a major concern and many countries, including Norway, give high priority to its prevention and the fight against it. Most of this violence goes unreported and, although significant efforts have been made to improve services, preventive measures should also be strengthened. To better understand this phenomenon and to identify ways to respond more effectively, the Government of Norway commissioned ICPC to conduct a research study on the prevalence of intimate partner violence against women, and strategies and practices implemented around the world.

This presentation included:

• risks of intimate partner violence for women and girls
• recent treaties and guidelines developed by international organizations
• examples of national and local policies and strategies
• effective and promising practices

Report available in English