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ICPC Mini-Conference

Author(s) : CIPC

On Wednesday March 25 2015, ICPC held a Mini-Conference on: Challenges of local security governance: beyond the states and the market? Actors, resources, production and democratic challenges


Following the generalization of the community policing approach, and the development of a security neoliberalism, the emergent policing model remains one of polycentric and nodal local security governance. For the past fifteen years, it has appeared that the state by itself, just as the private sector by itself, cannot respond efficiently to the challenges posed by public security. The complexification of the challenges our postindustrial societies are confronted with necessitates the intervention of other actors, in possession of other resources. Governance thus appears as a third option, between every state and every market, expanding the space for players such as cities and civil society organizations.


Yann-Cédric Quéro, PhD(c) Criminality, University of Montreal.