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Restorative Justice with indigenous communities: recent developments in research and practice in Australia and Quebec, Canada

ICPC Lunch Seminar / November 4th 2008, Montreal (Canada)

Author(s) : Mr. Andrew Paterson, Ms. Mylène Jaccoud


Abstract :

ICPC hosted a lunch seminar on November 4th, 2008 with invited panellists Andrew Paterson, Honorary Secretary of the Australian Crime Prevention Council and Mylène Jaccoud, Professor at the Department of Criminology of Université de Montréal (Canada). The event was held in the presence of Ellen Gabriel, President of Femmes Autochtones Quebec, Eugenio Montero, General Consulate, of Chile, a delegation from Montreal’s Native Friendship Centre, and other distinguished guests.  The seminar was devoted to examining issues in relation to the development of restorative justice initiatives with indigenous populations living in the APY lands, Australia, and in the Province of Quebec, Canada.  Two key debates emerged in response to the presentations:

• The appropriateness of including retributive justice measures within restorative justice programming
• The degree to whether traditional restorative justice practices are in fact traditional, when they have been blended with, or defined within a Western legal system and perspective.

Speakers :

Ms. Mylène JACCOUD is dedicated to closely examining issues of the administration of justice, with Aboriginal communities and challenges facing Aboriginal women. She has a doctorate in Criminology (Université de Montréal) and a Masters in Sociology and Anthropology (Université de Lausanne, Switzerland). She is head of the research team Conflict Resolution, Restorative Justice and Aboriginal Research. Key themes include the marginalization and criminalization of Aboriginals in Quebec, restorative justice and ethnic minorities in the correctional system. She is also the main researcher in the following collaborative projects including Aboriginal Police and Governance, comparative analysis on the types of social responses and their effects on violence against aboriginal women, and the impact of extra judicial sanctions on intervention practices.

Mr Andrew PATERSON is a crime prevention consultant from Adelaide, South Australia. He is the Honorary Secretary of Australian Crime Prevention Council and a member of the Board of ICPC. Andrew’s current project is focused on Northern and remote Aboriginal populations, and he is working in the APY lands close to the Northern Territory border. His recent initiative will aim to establish Restorative Justice Circles in 30 or so communities.