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ICPC Mini-Conference

Author(s) : CIPC


On Wednesday May 13 2015, ICPC and Montreal School Board (CSDM - Commission scolaire de Montréal) held a Mini-conference on: Cyberbullying: ethics and good practices in managing cyberbullying in your organization. This event took place at the headquarters of the École des métiers de la construction de Montréal and was attended by over one hundred and fifty participants from the police, community, education and government sectors.


How far do you go to handle and prevent situations of cyberbullying?

The management of online situations with youth raises many questions and has its share of challenges. In order to avoid numerous traps and allow participants to equip themselves with the right tools, ICPC and the Montreal School Board (CSDM) are presenting this conference in which ethical issues and good practices will be discussed.

By the end of the conference, the participants will be equipped to take a critical look at their online practice with youth and to initiate a reflective process in their organization.



-  Ms. Julie Brunelle, lawyer, Morency, Société d’Avocats, s.e.n.c.r.l.
-  Ms. Claire Beaumont, professor, Faculté des sciences de l’éducation de l’Université Laval et titulaire de la Chaire Sécurité et violence en milieu éducatif
-  Mr. Louis Bienvenue, Director, École Lucien- Pagé
- Ms. Christine Cayouette, agent, SPVM

 Video available in French