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When Urban Spaces meet Safety: Situational Crime Prevention in France Today

ICPC Lunch Seminar / Feburary 29th 2008, Montreal (Canada)

Author(s) : Anne Wyvekens


Abstract :

It can be said that, the prevention of delinquency in France was exclusively social for a long period of time. During the same period, much less was known about situational crime prevention, and some disliked it, as it was identified primarily with video surveillance.  A number of recent phenomena such as, the number of public safety studies that form part of urban planning projects, housing projects within the framework of urban renewal, dealing with incivilities in public spaces on the one hand, and the development of projects that aim to involve citizens in the "co-production of safety" on the other, has prompted a second reading of American theories (eg. broken windows and defensible space) and reflection on the renewal of crime prevention in France.
Speaker :

Anne WYVEKENS is a Senior Researcher at the Centre national de la recherche scientifique de France (CERSA, Paris). In this capacity, she works on local safety policies, penal justice and juvenile justice. She also works on issues related to safety and the quality of public spaces. Ms. Wyvekens is an Associate Researcher at the Facultés universitaires Saint-Louis, in Brussels, Belgium and is a member of the GIE "Réussir l'espace public". She was previously responsible for the research department at the l'Institut national de Hautes études de sécurité de Paris (INHES) and was Editor in Chief for the publication Cahiers de la sécurité.