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ICPC is located in the heart of a large network of political and administrative officials, researchers and stakeholders in the field who work directly or partially in areas related to prevention. The Center is often asked to provide expertise in various projects related to crime prevention. You will find here some projects of cooperation and technical assistance in which the ICPC has been involved.

Study on “Preventing Radicalization: A Systematic Review”

The objectives of this study are firstly to promote a preventive approach in intervention strategies and projects when it comes to radicalisation leading to violence, and then to gather information concerning ...

Date : 2015-05-25

Type : Projects

Technical assistance to the Direction of Security of the Bogota Chamber of Commerce

Over the course of 2015, ICPC conducted four different technical assistance projects for the Bogota Chamber of Commerce (BCC):

1. Comparative study of crime prevention programmes in Latin America. This study consists of a review...

Date : 2015-03-20

Author(s) : CIPC

Local safety audit in the St-Pierre district, Borough of Lachine, Montreal, Canada

Over the course of 2015, ICPC was mandated by the City of Montreal to carry out a local safety audit in the St-Pierre district of the Borough of Lachine (Montreal). Field observations, meetings with the local community...

Date : 2015-03-20

Central American Integration System Observatory and Index on Democratic Security – OBSICA (2012-2015)

From 2012 to 2015, the Centre for International Studies and Cooperation (CECI)  established a project to strengthen the institutional capacity of OBSICA, with financial support from the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade...

Date : 2015-02-02

Safety in ground public transport (2013-2015)

Safety in ground public transport is an important issue in a world where this type of transport is gaining in popularity and consequently is seeing its traffic growing steadily. Public transport is also places where crime is...

Date : 2015-02-02

Type : Homepage, Report, Publications, Report

Safety in public institutions (2013-2015)

Safety in public institutions such as schools, hospitals and the Municipal Offices has become a source of concern in the international arena and a central issue with regard to the safety of citizens. It is in this context that...

Date : 2015-02-02

Type : Publications

Author(s) : CIPC

City of Lévis - 2015

From February 2014 to February 2015, ICPC supported the Police Service of the City of Lévis, Quebec, in making a diagnosis of urban safety in three boroughs. The aim was 1) to produce a statistical portrait of criminality, 2)...

Date : 2015-02-02

Report on the prevention of drug-related crime

Over the course of 2015, ICPC wrote a report for the Government of Canada on the prevention of drug-related crime. More precisely, the study focus on the legislative frameworks and programmes to prevent violent...

Date : 2015-02-02

Type : Homepage, Nouvelles, Projects

Author(s) : CIPC

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