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ICPC is located in the heart of a large network of political and administrative officials, researchers and stakeholders in the field who work directly or partially in areas related to prevention. The Center is often asked to provide expertise in various projects related to crime prevention. You will find here some projects of cooperation and technical assistance in which the ICPC has been involved.

Project on Strengthening Evidence Based Decision Making for Citizen Security in the Caribbean


In August, 2017, ICPC was mandated by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to conduct an Assessment of National and Regional Crime Observation and Analysis for Evidence Based Youth Crime and Violence Prevention...

Date : 2017-08-28

Type : Projects, Nouvelles

Local Safety Audit in the Borough of Anjou


ICPC was mandated by the Borough of Anjou to carry out a local safety audit on its territory. The aim of this audit is to provide a global understanding of crime-related issues in order to better understand the risk factors...

Date : 2017-07-06

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Preventing radicalization with French and Quebec associations through Capacity Building


ICPC will develop a prevention project on radicalization through partnership work and knowledge sharing between various associations in Quebec and France. This partnership work is intended to develop a framework allowing local...

Date : 2017-05-10

Type : Projects, Nouvelles

Youth Violence Prevention Strategies: an international study


This comparative study, funded by Public Safety Canada, analyses and maps different national youth violence prevention strategies in various countries, including Canada, USA, South Africa, Colombia, Norway, Thailand and...

Date : 2017-03-23

Type : Projects

Guide for coordination analysis: a tool for the implementation of public policies for crime prevention


Coordination is one of most important key elements in the success of crime prevention projects. In 2015, ICPC has conducted a study on coordination between local and national governments in the implementation of crime...

Date : 2017-03-23

Type : Projects