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Communities in Action for Crime Prevention

write my paper canada Background paper for ICPC Sixth Annual Colloquium Date : 2006

go Type : Conference proceedings Author(s) : Margaret Shaw

The Prevention of Residential Burglaries

Lessons Drawn from a Comparative Approach

Date : 2006

Type : Report

Author(s) : Olivier Barchechat

Police and prevention: re-emergence of a strong idea?

ICPC's Notes

Date : 2006

Type : Articles

Author(s) : Daniel Sansfaçon

Community Safety Workers

An Exploratory Study of Some Emerging Crime Prevention Occupations

Date : 2006

Type : Report

Author(s) : Sharon Gray, Under the Direction of Valerie Sagant and Maragret Shaw

Les enquêtes de victimation à l’échelle internationale

Rapport d'analyse comparée

Date : 2006

Type : Report

Author(s) : Serges Bruneau, Claudio Besozzi, Julie Savignac, Chantal Valade, Myrsha Cangé