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Proceedings of the Professional Seminar for African Police Agencies and Crime Prevention Practitioners

essaywriting service Cape Town, South Africa May 17 & 18, 2007

source link Date : 2007 Type : Conference proceedings

apotheke viagra produkte Author(s) : International Centre for the Prevention of Crime

The Role of the Police in Crime Prevention

cialis 10mg tablets Proceedings of the seventh annual conference of the ICPC on the prevention of crime. Oslo, Norway, November 8th -9th, 2007

cialis original sans ordonnance Date : 2007

propecia tratamiento Type : Conference proceedings

Author(s) : ICPC, Politiet

Comparative Approaches to Urban Crime Prevention Focusing on Youth

 The present paper aims to provide a brief overview of what we have learned recently about youths and their involvement in urban crime, and the experience gained from many countries on crime prevention; it looks at the...

Date : 2007

Type : Report

Author(s) : Shaw, Margaret

Measuring Police Performance

International Experience

Date : 2007

Type : Report

Author(s) : Isabelle Lelandais in collaboration with Julie Bodson

Strategies and Best Practices in Crime Prevention in particular in relation to urban Areas and Youth at Risk

Proceedings of the Workshop held at the 11th Congress on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice

Date : 2007

Type : Report

Author(s) : Margaret Shaw and Kathryn Travers

Public nuisances relating to drugs and prostitution

Practical workbook for local action

Date : 2007

Type : Tools and Guides

Author(s) : Julie Savignac, Isabelle Lelandais, Valérie Sagant du CIPC, Marcel CAJELAIT, Montréal City, Guy HENGEN, Bordeaux City, Sophie NEUFORGE, Liège City and their teams

Quebec Observatory on Safety and Prevention

Taking Stock

Date : 2007

Type : Report

Author(s) : Serge Bruneau, Claudio Besozzi, and Julie Savignac