ICPC promotes practice gleaned from Europe, Australasia, North America, Africa, and other regions of the world which is built on firm foundations, developed on the basis of careful, partnership analysis of problems and possible solutions, knowledge about effective practice, and the problems of implementation and how to work with them. 

ICPC has produced two inventories of 100 Promising Programmes to Inspire Action around the World (1997, 1999) and a compendium  'Urban Crime Prevention and Youth at Risk. Compendium of Promising Strategies and Programmes from around the World (2005 ). These are still popular, and there seems a natural interest in reading short accounts of actual projects which enable people to recognize how something can be done, by people like them, about problems concerning crime and its prevention. At the same time, we continue to recognize that this is an evolving area, and what works well in one context may not always be easily transferable to another.

People are interested in practices for a variety of reasons- strategic interventions targeting particular problems, mobilizing resources, capacity-building and sustaining interventions, measuring and evaluating outcomes etc. Our current database provides brief summary descriptions of prevention practices and projects. These descriptions have not been evaluated by ICPC, and thus should not be taken as ’best practices’. We invite visitors to share information with us about their practices, including any outcomes, and successes and challenges they have experienced. `

In recent years, many other international and national organizations and research institutes have been promoting and collecting good practices in the field of crime prevention, and we provide links to their websites in our tools section of the knowledge base.

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