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Here new paragraphs Industrial Customer coal coal industrial filiation see where the facts of interest to the technician economist. Yet Brunhes custom essays cheap trying to discover the consequences géographiciues development of girls and coal industries show how industrial developments depend geographically coal.

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But results, it seems, that a subtle distinction between logiciue liaison industries géographiciue the link.

Then, here it is considering coal mine itself is industrial and technical field, the agglomeration is superficial appendage mine industrial conurbation is come back again sometimes truism. And finally ends with this rather startling petition principle that human geography must be su cient coal everywhere, to surface of the continents and seas, it is transported. But need help with essays wrong at all, that's pure field of Véconomiste studies. In short, it is in vain, to me, that Brunhes trying to incorporate human geography depth study of the consequences of the existence coal straps certain places and made destruct e economy that is operating Both, n ' is it not, one had to admit that can be considered as belonging to human geography all the consequences of the facts e destruct economy, could bring lname almost unlimited industrial act ities, since wild one that braid loincloth to the most colossal modern metallurgical industries, as always, would, ultimately, removal of website that writes essays for you natural raw materials.

Thus understood, would have no limits Tanthropogéographie But do we place the point for the historian. For him, there is in fact a study of e destruct economy, such as mining for instance, extremely broad field, set point for the most interesting among them also point géograpfiique view, want tell the king ï VIEW tHAT iN HISTO ANTllROrOGÉOGUAPHIE observation, in time, the attraction exerted by the presence riiomme mineral wealth into the origins of the successive developments of the human groupings locations resulting operating this wealth. But coal presence of another product resulting value is not only important for the historian it causes serfdom way soil.

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The development of any industrial act ity can cause everything together consequences straps, economic, social, legal, moral or political, it is important to know.

I represent the historical study of a mining or industrial, large small as to be combination of findings that would record the one hand, observers placed in ball, ideal motionless in the above area space to be considered, d Moreover, investigators analyzing, on the same ground, the general conditions life, entering homes, peering economic organization, known ant closely the evolution of law institutions, probing Blanchard, to quote this author, in Flanders, most considered these points view. I refer in particular to the industrial area study Roubaix-Tourcoing, this region which, through industrial concentration, has undergone tremendous transformation little time bien.évidence put two cards printed facing one another Roubaix-Tourcoing, Roubaix-Tourcoing I should add that I discussed here see write my paper in apa format Brunhes manner as it applies to demarcate science field, as he designs sets no thought of regret that geographers like Blanchard, Levainville, Demangeon Zion others we have thus their special point of view, given the history of the areas they studied industries important chapters filled highest interest information.

PERSPECTIVE IN HISTORY anthropogeography And this brings me, finally, to take care of Brunhes ideas about methods anthropogeography.

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I have already said several times purposely Brunhes that meant that the anthropogeography is above all to not say no way excluded, direct observational science posit e current phenomena.

Also, many times throughout his re the beautiful, we see manifest concern to the anthropogeographer i need help writing my college admissions essay guard against the encroachments of neighboring sciences.

especially feared invasion history. Geographers, he says, page, do not moult ent historians. The anthropogeographer must focus incidentally retrospective viewpoint. Human geography, he says also has double duty not to encroach on neighboring sciences field to let envuhir by foreign data to its proper objective. Elsewhere, read these sentences are decis Who knows géoce graph open the eyes see. In Physical Geography matters, as regards human geography, appren weaving medical school essay writing service vision posit e realities of the earth's surface will be the first non easier stage. Through conse quently, geographical method, all areas OII ie it can be known, is a method that gives first main interest up to study the exact, precise, which is today. Before int-erpréter on questionable testimony sic faith, the past facts, endeavors to observe, c group classify the facts present. Let us know growth geographical condition present without préocctipcr first we originally historic traixsformations of phe nonihies we study.