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Vieweg. IQO. pay tribute to the ants their sugary excrement, this feature ensures these puny Insects effective protection. He on the other hand, the host ants that we suffer knows today hundreds of species belonging to several orders of insects mainly in d ers groups of beetles. These myrmecophilous, as called them, were reality principle, enemies that kill ants, but they have escaped the influence of variability, has been an evolution by selection. The dead officer, Ant, here is unique, as in artificial selection is involuntary unconscious selection, as well external internal parasites, the ants still have countless enemies that enter their homes to re v foods that it found plenty.

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Any intruder is top essay editing service immediately killed, however anthills contain many insects that eat or plant detritus piled up for nest construction or provisions seeds animal matter, or even the corpses, eggs, larvae, nymphs ants These hosts rather troublesome custom essay writing service org even assassins, all offer special protective adaptations, from which they can be classified in three categories are tolerated, those who were massacred when the ants may, those ants even pamper feed.

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Admitted have not been the subject of a selection, they look like ordinary Insects groups they belong to. Ants can nothing against them, whether they aperço the ent not because their smallness their resemblance plant debris, or they fail to start their very hard seed coats, or finally they can reach them because their agility. The massacred, that the ants can kill when they are protected by a particular structure obtained by changing some have become almost unassailable, their bodies are flattened, rounded, battleship transformed so as not to catch any of fnr other ants have acquired a perfect resemblance to the Ant species that they exploit, deceived by appearances, not recognize. This invisibility is accentuated by mimicry that has myrmécophile color when its host ant essay help online species celurci is equipped with eyes, that contrary sculpture of his host integument personal essay help when celurci is a blind ant species, with only antenna to touch guide. The last category Pets ants is far more interesting pamper the ants feed on the assassins who flatter their vices. These myrmecophilous either by their invulnerability or by their resemblance to their hosts, yet often reflect their origins dissertation writing uk are ancient massacred who have acquired such protection even more effective. All offer, but on the more straps online essay service body surface areas, yellow hair brushes very characteristics that ants lick with delight.