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The draft text clearly specifies that an emergency notice Colonial Council, not favorable, will be released in It requires no less clearly, publication Report minister, in case disagreement between celurci Colonial Council concerning a non-emergency decree. But not say that in case the notice i oir Colonial Council will govern how we Congo, known pages antes.

Test Colonial Charter, article.

THE AMENDMENTS TO THE LAW COLONIAL public hearings Colonial Council, is indispensable that the Council colonial unfavorable opinion be known in full, not only by abstract rebuttal that could Moreover, inconceivable that opinion Colonial Council should remain secret in ordinary cases, while it is the re advertising when order is urgent.

The Government proposed attributing the deliberations of the Colonial Council no advertising character, is essential to ensure that minority, less any right to know the reasons for his opposition.

It is especially in purely Advisory Council that the voices do not just be counted ent they do ent especially sometimes be weighed the opinion of one man of unquestionable independence of an authority will be enlightened minds an important decis e i. We still need confer admitted to the colonial administration right to take urgent action to one authority, whenever security colony We fully accept that in some cases the Government may take legislat he measures without consultation prior Colonial Council but we consider it unnecessary to include new dangerous law to the article, when it already appears in Article.

Celurci allows governor general wear lurmême of law provisions provisionally strength even temporarily suspend the execution of decrees when the interests or security colony require. This provision is, we think, more than enough to deal with all eventualities, because it is not on site the headquarters of the metropolitan government presented summarising and paraphrasing the truly urgent problems that exclude deliberation i 'oif our Colonial Charter test. THE AMENDMENTS TO THE LAW COLONIAL therefore is dangerous to include in legislation a provision Jul useless itself, could facilitate the action of a government eager to evade legitimate control Colonial Council, multiplying sordisant urgent cases. We therefore believe that Parliament would be well advised deleting text in the article the paragraphs on urgent business, which regime would be resolved ly excluded surplus Recall that in our view, be important to bring year to six months period provided by that available-r king makes treaties concerning possessions provisions Art. Belgian Constitution relat es treaties apply to treaties that con surround the colonial possessions.

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This article extends in a more comprehensive way than we proposed, the provisions of Article Constitution to international treaties colony.

Consequently, even treaties concerning trade ly excluded colony will be voted by the Chambers.

We have previously developed the reasons why we reject it accordingly. A silent Constitution because political situation in the Nile basin, we insist on a final aim necessity, for formal text, the ban take cede leased territories without the consent of i See our last point has colonial Project Charter and art. Order Congolese October.

See our Colonial Charter test, see how we will govern Congo pages. See how we will govern Congo, known pages. Amendments to law colonl Minister best custom essay website for essay writing website of Foreign Affairs kingdom has in its attributions relations United Kingdom has with foreign powers with regard to treaties concerning the colonial possessions. Upon filing the original draft, we remarked how was improper terminology former Article best custom essay writing i, which attributed Foreign Minister colonial possessions relations with foreign powers. The amendment, which is now section, upheld the judgments regarding commercial c Island by the Belgian courts are enforceable law in the colonial possessions. The judgments in the same terms by the colonial courts are enforceable right Whoever, poursu i for an offense committed in a colony will be refugee United Kingdom, will be tried in accordance with Belgian law. Whoever, for poursu i uiie offense in United Kingdom, is a refugee in the territory of a colony, will be re in the Belgian courts for trial Articles, relegated to the end of the project in terms of general provisions, settle a few lines the delicate important matter jurisdiction respect e metropolitan courts colonial courts matter c island, commercial repress We not think it possible to resolve a summary manner a complex issue, which affects not only the interests of the colonial subjects United Kingdom, but also to rights of Belgian citizens without criticizing the principles contained in these articles, we feel that we gave the texts that enshrine a scope to both too general is very just, for example, decide that principle anyone for an offense i poursu committed in a colony paraphrasing strategies will have refugee United Kingdom, will be judged according to the laws, but it is certain that it will be fair in all cases there will, for example, impose judgment United Kingdom or in the event that the indicted for defense intends to call witnesses many black or in one where the accused escaped colony, knowing that an instruction was other hand, we certainly do not think of criticizing principle enshrined same article, since from we have suggested text that provision, but it should it not also be some restrictions would it really necessary, exempjle, renvo at great expense, to be judged United Kingdom, which would be returned negro Congo after committing in metropolis without any offense These are just examples, but in mind a multitude of other issues, such as those relat es to the enforcement of sentences, which show that the Government is incomplete proposals not be accepted i how we will govern dissertations database Congo page. The same caveats regarding the article, not because we think it is possible now perfecting the judiciary colony developed justify a provision granting right enforceable United Kingdom to all decisions c islands of trade Congolese courts.