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While these silly little Flies wandering everywhere would waste valuable fertilizing dust bring me anything worth so their door remains closed.

Alas! Linear naive, you count without malice intelligent laziness of your greedy insects nectar.

They found a way to get home break! The Drones short snout that can reach nectar entering flower, drill hole in the nectar spur see, can then easily, plunder your sweet liquid provision.

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Other Insects enjoy the opening come, too, fly by this good nectar. no to the Bee which uses the most convenient way to plunder the linear her, actually, never pierces wall spurs, but when his flight leads to a Linaire a Bourdon was mutilated so it is easier to suck nectar from the opening already practiced tire to separate the lips to dissertation literature review creep into corolla. And.

The flowers are stolen, since insects and plunder without performing fertilization, without rendering their service they finally expect them to exchange their nectar they offer. A small path just traced in copse opens to the right of the road we can engage in wood.

What more exuberant vegetation perspect e, more sky, more sun, so to speak, otherwise some rays seeping out here onto the ground.

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where they put round spots, all golden, dancing and fun way among herbs mosses.

Apart from these few rays, everything is green in thick woods around us, everywhere, coppice Charmes, oaks, chestnut trees, etc.

which are impenetrable green curtain above our heads tangled tops of tall trees oak beech form by above the copse, sieve with a bright green light to crochet that even when the filter is all puhérisée, say. And land is continuous carpet of grass, ferns Asplen m Filix-femina, small plants com mon to all our undergrowth Oxalis Acelosella, Muguets iolettes woods, Ranunculus, Lysimachia Nnnimidaria, etc. also of Framboisiers in most lighting conditions.

As we descend wooded slope as we get closer stream down there in the bottom, soil becomes wetter here emerges to Prêles maximum Eqiàsetum, these strange plants that was in the spring issue of Fond Flosses at Red Monastery.

And remember help writing grad school essay referred us see as soon as we meet in vegetation wood Oisquercq is absolutely comparable to the funds moist trays Sonian Forest. Yet ground we walk here Ypresian, Devillien a low slope is an absolutely different geological nature of the wetlands Tongrien forest, valleys modern alluvium. Oisquercq the land is much more ancient than those forests have a very different origin. The vegetation, however, is exactly like the same grove, even coppice pay to write a paper even undergrowth. What does that prove? Our plants are indifferent to the ground geological age they live, they are sensitive to chemical physical nature Tongrien, modern alluvium, yprésienne clay Devillien disintegrated, offer the same conditions to the roots more life less slimy wet. The conditions are similar, most are surprised flora similarity in these two regions so different geological view. have here, that we saw spring in Sonian Forest, a notable difference that takes only change season. In April, the Violets, the Oxalis the Primroses, Anemones, etc. were flowers. Now custom essay services the Primroses Anemones write my essay wikipedia more show that all leaves disorganized already Violets, the Oxahs are still full plant ity act, unless there 'ons us more no clear corolla.